Sugar Bee Crafts Home Tour (real version)

Yep, home tour time!  Note that I said “real version”, not “REAL LIFE version”, because Real Life would be WAY messier.  This is the Real Version, as in, it’s not staged or anything.  It doesn’t look like all those other home tours that are amazing and make you think you need to redo your home stat and buy a million trinkets and accessories.  It’s just as-is, our home (picked up!).

We’re moving soon, and I’ve been selling things on swap shops, etc – – one lady said “your house looks like it’s on Pinterest or something” – ah, the ultimate goal, spoken out loud :)

So anyways, here we go.  But do keep in mind that I used my wide-angle lens so you could see the whole room – which will in turn make the rooms look HUGE, but they’re not (like the kids’ rooms are pretty tiny, 10x10ish).

First up, my Master Bedroom.  I don’t think I ever did a “reveal” post – – probably because I only finish room transformations to about 90% done.  Because I’m bad at the staging and trinkets part.  Anyways, here’s what it’s like right now:

018 copy

It’s a huge change from what it was before – – when we bought the house the walls were a light mauve type of color.  The gray is so much better, and I love having that accent wall behind the bed.  We added the board and batten (which makes stenciling the wall easier – half instead of all of it).  I love the pops of Citron – I was using it before it was all the rage – ahead of the trend for once!  Nightstands are a desk cut in half.  I used gel stain to make the dressers dark (they were a light oak-ish) and put on new pulls.  The awesome ceiling fan was a great splurge that I would choose again.

021 copy

There’s like a mini hall that leads to the bathroom, with a walk-in closet on one side and a regular closet on the other side:

022 copy

And the master bath – – remember, I peeled wallpaper forever – it was clear up to the ceiling, in the vault – good times, good times.

024 copy

All the bedrooms are upstairs.  The master and then 3 kiddo rooms. The one at the top of the stairs was the nursery – still is the room for my soon-to-be kindergartner.  It also doubles as a guest room, hence the queen-size bed he gets to sleep in – when guests come, he just camps out on the floor of a sibling’s room.  Awesome placement of garage-sale find Toy Story wall clings, courtesy of him.

003 copy

My favorite thing in his room is the quilt I made – first quilt!  And I still can’t believe I made it – I love how it turned out:

005 copy

I painted his dresser blue along with the headboard.  We built that shelf thing for under the window so that when guests come it’s a nice sturdy place to put suitcases.  And it doubles as toy storage.  I also make the string art “W” and the growth chart ruler.

007 copy

Next up is the oldest kiddo’s room – the bed was a garage sale find ($10!) and it’s perfect because those drawers are packed full of legos.  Then special built ships of legos are on the shelves.

015 copy

And there are more shelves and more legos on the other side of the room as well.  It’s like LEGO heaven in there.

016 copy

My girls share the “big” bedroom, which is probably 10×12, so really not that big.  We bunk their beds to help with the space issue.  Ever-popular giant picture tutorial, still looking great.  And I made that round rug out of old sheets – I love it.

033 copy

Another view of the bunk beds.  Since they don’t have nightstands, I made book slings where they can keep things right next to their bed.  The bulletin boards are just ceiling tiles wrapped in fabric.

035 copy

They each have their own dresser, which packs in the room.  The white one was actually mine when I was little.  Their closet is a mini-walk-in, so that’s fun for them.

034 copy

And then there’s a bathroom kind of grouped with all those bedrooms – it’s the one room we haven’t really redone (except for the flooring – it was carpet before – bleh!).  The kids call it the Elephant Bathroom, because of the wallpaper.  Not my style, but I guess I didn’t mind it seeing as I didn’t change it in the 6 years we were here.  The drawer pulls are even elephants :)

025 copy

Alright, on to the main level – when you come in the front door this is what you see in the entryway.  That mini dresser is our “shoe cabinet” – each person gets their own drawer to keep frequently-used shoes in.  To the left is the laundry room, door to the garage, and stairs to the basement.  Straight ahead are the stairs up to the bedrooms and more straight ahead is the kitchen which eventually leads to the family room.

030 copy

The formal living room and dining room are to the right of the entryway when you walk in.  Here’s the Living Room, which is in the front of the house:

026 copy

And here’s standing in the living room, looking towards the dining room (with the kitchen behind the dining room)

027 copy

And a more pulled-in picture of the dining room.  I absolutely love the stenciling in here – it really makes a statement.  Another giant picture, for all who come to see.  Plus fun pops of turquoise all around.

028 copy

And………apparently that’s when I stopped taking pictures.  The rest of the house must not have been picked up yet or something.  Here’s a glimpse at our kitchen from a previous post below.  We completely remodeled the kitchen – extended the counter, painted the cabinets, tiled the backsplash, etc etc.  I love love love it.

Off the kitchen is a family room, where we have a TV and game cabinets.  Apparently I don’t have any pictures in that room, except for this one I found – you can see how it looks back into the kitchen (before we redid the cabinets)  – -

And then the basement has a playroom, storage room, family room where we like to watch movies and play air hockey, and my craft room.

018 copy (1)

I love having my own space, but I’m going to love it even more in our new house because my craft room will have windows – super excited about that!

So there ya go!  Our home in a nutshell.  I have really loved this home and it has been perfect for us.  The thing that I love most about our home is the yard  – it is seriously HUGE for a subdivision.  I saw the yard before I toured the house and I’m all “we’ll take it!”

And now we start our next adventure – living on land!  20 acres of craziness, here we come…

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