WIWW – – what to pack for life?!

Today we load up all of our belongings into a truck – – our whole life, via boxes.  It’s crazy to think about it. What’s even more crazy is that our new home isn’t ready.  So we’re one of those people, moving in with my parents.  Yup. And it’s going to be pretty cramped, so we’re bringing a very minimal amount of stuff.  What would you pack, to live for a few months??  Everything else goes in to storage.  It’s been tough to narrow it down!  But looking at what I’ve been wearing, I’m just planning on tshirts and shorts and jeans and hoping that’ll do.  It’ll have to!

wiww sugar bee

So I thought I’d do a quick share of what I’ve been wearing this summer – – I’ve been slacking on the WIWW front, so here’s a glimpse:

I am in love with my Eat. Sleep. Craft. shirt from Kimbo – it can be dressed up or dressed down and it’s awesome.  I picked it for a fun local blogger get-together – -


Sunday-wear – – I snagged a few deals from Zulily lately, including this awesome dress.  I love love love it, and paired it with Paparazzi Accessories, of course.


Poolside – – I have WAY too many swimsuits, but I love it that way – gotta have options.  And  I think The Home Tee tank is perfect for poolside lounging:


Another Paparazzi Accessories sighting, and a tee made by me – love wearing something handmade, it just makes me think I’m awesome.


Flag Shirt – I’ve already covered how it’s a yearly staple:


And yes, I still have that garage-sale find Local Celebrity tee – – still a classic :)

     with kids

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