Adirondack Chair – the painted version

This post is part of my participation as a Behr DIY Expert.

Paint is one of my all-time loves – it can give a project a whole new look, change something something completely. I tend towards fun bright colors and my top color choice is turqouise – I use it time and time again – I just love it! So it’s no surprise that I painted my new adirondack (yes, I had to look up how to spell that!) chair just that – an amazing turquoise called Caicos Turquoise from Behr in their new Marquee line. The Marquee line is amazing!

adirondack before and after

Trevor and the kids got me this chair for my birthday last month (since I didn’t win won from SNAP like some people…) – I guess there’s some hilarious story about the whole purchase, from buying the store floor model (already put together) to realizing they were driving a sedan to pulling through the drive through for shakes on their way home with the chair strapped precariously to the vehicle and seeing people they knew – – anyways, I was super excited to get it and it was a perfect gift!  Now I just need one every birthday for the next several years so we can get a whole set…

001 copyWe are in the process of building a house, but it’s VERY slow and so far not much has been done past the basement.  But it’s still exciting to plan and I already know that the front door will be turquoise, because I love it and I want a fun front door.  So I knew the chair would be turquoise too because I plan for it to be on the front porch of the new house.
005 copy

Behind the scenes awesomeness – tell me this is about how you look when you’re painting, right?! (this is right before I said “be sure not to get me in the pictures!”)

003 copy

I thought the paint had great coverage.  It is paint with primer built in and I feel like I really put that to the test going straight over raw wood without priming it, but the paint did a great job.

010 copy

The downside of this chair is all the slats – you don’t think of that when you jump in to paint it, but you realize quickly there are TONS of nooks and crannies.  I painted the front, let it dry, then flipped it over and painted the underneath side.

012 copy

You can tell that it really covered great on the wood:

036 copy

Oh yeah, it’s awesome.  This is the old house front porch – – so multiply this awesomesness times 10 because a matching front door will step it up that much more.  And see, I have a thing for that color – chair, shirt, shoes….

027 copy

Currently we’re staying with my parents while we finish building our house (we sold our current house – closed on it yesterday!) – – meanwhile my grandma also moved in with my parents and she’s building a little apartment area onto the end of their house.  Communal living here we come, ready or not – – I think you can see that in the mis-mash of lawn furniture that has accumulated from everyone’s move:

052 copy

What’s your next paint project??  This was a fun one!

painted adirondack

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