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Hey everyone — things just keep getting crazier – in addition to moving into my parents’ basement since our house isn’t done yet, they’re in the middle of a remodel/addition, and working on that today the phone cable was cut – which means no internet – yikes! luckily we were able to rig up a hot spot to bring you today’s post, part of #TheBigBling set in-stores at

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This was a fun challenge – I was sent a box of secret supplies (I had no idea what would come) and had to make something that fit into the Back-to-School Big Bling theme – here’s what came in my box:

001 copy


So I grabbed a few other supplies while I was at JoAnn – – –

004 copy

My idea is a Back-to-School Display Board.  It’s actually a little more loud and jumbled than I would have made for myself, but I made it with a tween in mind and I think it turned out awesome for that genre – they can clip notes to the chicken wire and display them in their locker, or above their desk in their room, etc.

So, on with the how-to….  First I stuck on the bling – you’ll see below I used the tiny rhinestones in a zig zag, but then I ended up pulling them apart and scattering them all over.

005 copy

Next I busted out the hot glue gun (I actually had to buy another one, since mine is in storage!) and attached the buttons randomly along the edge of the frame.  Then I used hot glue to attach the pom pom trim along the outer edge for added fun.

007 copy


I fell in love with this fabric when I was in store (my favorite thing to buy at JoAnn!) and wanted to incorporate it as well.  I used it as a background for the chicken wire and simply attached it with hot glue around the edges from the back side of the frame.

008 copy

And that was it!  I looped some twine through the hangers on the back to create a loop hanger and attached the flower to that for added fun.  And of course load it with all the notes and inspiration that you want!

011 copy

Be sure to search #TheBigBling in social media to see other awesome projects that bloggers are creating with their mystery supply box!

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