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I haven’t mentioned it in a while, so if you’re new to Sugar Bee Crafts, you might not know, but I am also an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories, and I love it!  What is Paparazzi Accessories??  It’s $5 accessories – did I have you at $5, that’s where I got pulled in too!  The first question I get from readers when I talk Paparazzi is “where can I buy some for myself” and until now it’s only been home parties, etc – but it’s NOW ONLINE and I am super excited to be able to reach you, my readers, and be your jewelry consultant!

Paparazzi Accessories Online-Shopping

You can find my online store at and then click on “shop” to get started.  There are TONS of cute things, for just $5 – it is seriously an amazing deal (cheaper than Charming Charlie’s or Target, etc).  Most of the necklaces even come with a pair of earrings, and that’s included in the $5 price.  Seriously!  A look at what the online store looks like:


INCENTIVE: My online shopping is brand new and I’m super excited.  As such, if you’re one of the first 5 people to order from my online store, I’ll also send you a FREE gift.  Stock up on a few awesome pieces for fall – a few new pieces of jewelry can give new life to your wardrobe. You’ll have access to all the inventory, but keep in mind that things can sell out quickly, so if you see something you want, grab it! It’ll be shipped right to your door! (and shipping is one flat rate of $6, so you can even go in with friends and bundle your order to save a little that way)

TO SHOP: just head to and click the “shop” tab right there next to “home” and you’re in – you can sort via type (necklace or bracelet, etc) or color.  Some of the fall  collection is already starting to filter into the online inventory…


Let me be your own jewelry consultant.  If you have specific needs, I’ve got you covered. Like 10 of one necklace for a bridal party, you can order that.  Or say fall family pictures, where everyone needs pieces in the same color but different styles – you can order that.  I am happy to help with styling questions as well – we even have these awesome tips sheets that I want to share with you – I love how all the pieces work together to create the amazing look.  These pieces below are a sneak peek (lucky you) and will be available on Sept 1st – I have a big feeling they’ll sell out, so if you see something you have to have, don’t wait til later on those.

 Paparazzi $5 Jewelry and Accessories Style Snapshots

Hop on over and check out all that Paparazzi Accessories has to offer online – you won’t be disappointed!


Now, if you want to read my Paparazzi Story, you can do that too – I was able to contribute to our family buying a new (to us) minivan because of the income from Paparazzi.  I think it’s about to go viral because of the addition of online shops, and it’s a great time to join if you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra income and be able to work from home.  My team is super awesome and we’re part of an amazing line in Paparazzi, so it’s a great team to be a part of – if you’d be interested in joining my team, I’d love to have you!  Just let me know if you have other questions about that  ( and my consultant ID is #1768)


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