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Hi friends!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma here again!  Today I am sharing a super cute and EASY bookworm bookmark tutorial!  This little guy is PERFECT for “back to school” which is coming way too quickly!  The kids will have a blast putting together these bookmarks!

Bookworm Bookmark



All you need is scrapbooking a paper, two googly eyes and some glue. I used a circle punch to punch out 6-7 circles.  You could easily cut out the circles if you don’t have a punch.  I alternated scrapbooking paper to give the caterpillar a bit more dimension.

Paper Circles


I also grabbed two small googly eyes and I cut a small piece of paper and cut a few slights for a little bit of “fuzz” for the top of the caterpillars head.



Using your glue pen, glue your circles on top of each other.

Glue Stick


I glued my circles in a “wave”  to make the caterpillar look “slinky” :)

Catepillar Circle

My son loves to look at books.  He can’t read yet but he has always loved looking at books.  I think these bookmarks are so fun for the kiddos!  Imagine all the colors and shapes they could give the bookworms!  Let them be creative!




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Thanks for Reading

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