Bride and Groom Cross Stitch

bride and groom cross stitch tutorial and pattern

Hello Sugar Bee Craft friends!  I’m me, Nancy from, back with another creative project: Bride and Groom Cross Stitch.

But, before I dive in, I should clear up a few things.  First off, if you missed me last month, sorry I wasn’t here.  I was having a baby.  Dominic, #3 for us, arrived at the end of June.  He is a super sweet baby, and already quite chubby!  Next, I am the official felt contributor around these parts—and this isn’t a felt post.  I hope you don’t mind!  I just thought it would be fun to change things up a little this month and share one of my other passions–cross stitch.  Any other embroidery nuts out there?

Annnnd, onto the project!  Although this little cross stitch project is of me and my husband, this is a project you could easily create of you and your spouse.  I have included the pattern of me and my husband as a sort of template for you to create your own.  But first, let me share a wedding picture with you.  Here we are on our wedding day.  Ahhhh…

Nancy and Bill wedding

We were so young and foolish…and we still are!  I have a terrific husband and I loved everything about our wedding, especially him.  It is fun for me to remember and commemorate that day and reflect on how our love has grown and matured.  So, I thought, why not cross stitch our wedding?  (Am I the only one that thinks this way?)

The first step of this project is to create your own pattern.  My is below.  To make your own, PRINT OUT THIS BLANK CROSS STITCH GRID and pull out some color pencils.  I hope that my pattern is helpful–it should give you an idea how to create faces and how long legs and arms should be.  Also for more ideas make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post where I have links to 2 other bride and groom cross stitch projects to give you ideas on creating other veils, hair styles, etc.  If you husband doesn’t have a beard, like mine does, you may want to look at another pattern.  I have two other bride and groom cross stitch patterns with un-bearded men.

cross stitch wedding pattern

A quick note about my pattern: the filled in squares are cross stitches (use 3 threads), the lines are back stitches (use 1 thread) and the small circles are french knots.

Also, you might have noticed that my aida cloth (the material used for cross stitch) is gold colored.  I added this color to my aida cloth myself, and it was really easy.  For the details on how to add any color to aida cloth, GO HERE.

I also added a little personalization to my wedding people.  I added the year because this is part of my cross stitched family timeline, but you can also add names, places, etc.  Here is the font I used.

And so, I made my pattern and then got stitching.  As with all embroidered people projects, there is a bit of an odd moment before you add any of the facial features.  So, of course I took a picture:

bridal cross stitch tutorial

And then I added the eyes, mouths, veil and other details.  Ahhh, so much better.  Isn’t everything cuter in cross stitch?  I think so!

bridal cross stitch pattern and tutorial

If this has made you fall in love with cross stitch too…then make your own pattern of you and the hubby and get stitching!

Or, you could make a family portrait:

family portrait in cross stitch cg

And if you need more ideas for wedding attire transformed into cross stitch, check out these other wedding posts:

bridal cross stitch #3

Bride with back veil and Groom in tux

cross stitch wedding bride and groom with pattern

Bride with full veil and bouquet and Groom in white tux

Thanks, as always, to Mandy for having me here each month.  See you in September!

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