DIY Polymer Clay Sand Dollar Necklace


 Hi everyone! My name is Angela and I’m excited to be a style contributor here at Sugar Bee Crafts. At my blog, Handmade in the Heartland, I show recipes, crafts and DIY projects,  home decor ideas, lots of dessert recipes and the occasional fashion post. I’d love for you to pop over and see my blog. Today I’m excited to share this polymer clay sand dollar necklace that is easy to make and perfect for the end of summer! I love anything nautical so when I spotted the shell mod podge mold at michael’s I knew I had to do something with it!



Shell Mold (I go the above mold from Michael’s)

Premo Clay ( I used a cream/nude color since I knew I was going to paint them)

Clay Tools

Gold Paint (or color of your choice)

Waxed String/ Cord

Clamp Clasp


Step 1: Make your shell pendant

I had fun playing around with the mold I purchased and making a lot of the different shells, In the end I decided to use the sand dollar.  When working with polymer clay you’ll want to work with it in your hands for  few minute and warm it up first, then push it into the mold.  When I pulled it out I had excess on the sides of the shape so I used my tools to cut the excess off. After you get the shape you want you’ll bake it according to the package directions.


Step 2: Paint!

I wanted a gold shell necklace so I just used some awesome metallic gold craft paint to paint them. I love how they turned out!



Step 3: Make your necklace

I went for super easy this time and just used 7 strands of waxed cord.  The clamp clasp closure is SO simple, just lay your cord flat and then clamp it on.  I purchased the clasp at Michael’s but I’ve seen them everywhere that a jewelry section is present, even Walmart. You can put the closures on before you put the sand dollar on.



Step 4: Tie on your pendant with a simple knot

So I don’t know what this knot is called, which is super annoying, sorry! All you do is fold your necklace in half and stick the folded center through the whole in your pendant, once its on the other side of the pendant open it up (so its not folded anymore) and then stick the rest of the necklace through the loop.  Pull to tighten and Voila! your necklace is finished.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Here are few other jewelry tutorials on my blog you might like!


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Thanks for Reading


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