Dresser Remix with Behr

A few years ago I found an awesome dresser on the side of the road (yes, I was that person!) – and I make it all cute.  Well, it’s time for a Dresser Remix – we’re in the process of moving and my girls get their own rooms in the new house, so they’re both leaving the pink and purple little girl room behind and aiming for a little more “tween”.

behr marquee key largo

So it was two days before we moved, and I was out painting a dresser – – seemed logical, ha!  overwhelmed with packing, do a project instead :)   But it made sense – we had already packed up the clothes and the dresser was out in the garage, just sitting there.  So I seized the opportunity.  When I painted it a few years ago, I knew I would probably paint it again.  I had painted the base white with that in mind – that way I could easily paint the drawers over and over and change the whole look of the dresser without a major hassle.  So that’s your tip of the day – paint just the drawers for an easy makeover and remix of a dresser :)

I used the color “Key Largo” from Behr’s new Marquee line, and we’re in love with it!  It’s a light but bold seamfoam-ish blue, with a hint of turquoise and a hint of mint – it’s a dreamy color!  It’s hard to see the color in my “after” pictures because we are currently in-between houses and holed up in my parents’ basement (all pics are 10 times worse in a basement!), so I was sure to get a snapshot of the color card for you in natural light:

key largo paint color

Alrighty, on with the project – – the “before” drawers – – I still like the stencil and may add that later to the dresser, but we needed to loose the purple, so off it went:

017 copy

You’ll want to prep your drawers with a quick sanding.  Mine needed more sanding than normal because the stencil created a slight raised paint pattern:

018 copy

Then bust out the paint – this line of Behr paint has primer built in, so just dive right in – easy as that!

022 copy

It really had great coverage and has held up to the heavy use that it’s been put through all ready:

024 copy

It really turned out great, and when we move from the basement into the new house, I will for sure be sharing more pictures of it!  In person it’s so much awesomer than the picture below – let’s just call this “Basement Chic”

011 copy

This post is part of my participation as a Behr DIY Expert.

Did you know, Brand new digital tool from @BehrPaint helps you turn your decorating dreams into a reality – doesn’t that sound awewsome?! You can virtually preview paint colors and purchase for delivery with just one click. Check out the ColorSmart By BEHR Digital Paint Store here! www.behr.com/consumer/buy-online (genius!)

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