Duct Tape Earrings

For WIWW today (What I Wore Wednesday – fashion-y posts) it’s a tutorial!  Duct Tape Earrings – you know your tween would love them (and even you would too!)  My girls were on a big duct tape kick this summer (we found tons of fun Duck Tape at Michaels – not a sponsored post, just thought I’d let ya know where we found ours) and tried out the ever-popular pom pom pens, wallets, etc.  And then we made earrings.  And they wanted to make them with cousins came over – and I said “Sure, if you’ll take pictures while you make it so we can blog about it” and guess what – they did!  Blogging superstars, at 8 and 9 years old :)

easy duck duct tape earrings craft

These are super simple to make and create and it’s really fun to see what looks everyone comes up with.  My favorite are the chevron:

duck duct tape round earrings how to

If you just want tutorial pictures, we’ve got that, but first, if you’d rather see the pictures scrolling as a video (it’s less than a minute!) then here’s that version:


Alrighty, let’s get started – first, pull out a piece of duct tape, double the size you need:

039 copy

Then fold it over on itself, sticky sides together:

040 copy

and it’ll end up like so:

043 copy

Using a round object, trace two circles onto the duct tape:

044 copy

047 copy

Halfway done!

055 copy

Next simply cut along the circle line with scissors:

058 copy

063 copy

And you’ll have two circles, like so:

065 copy

Next you’ll need to attach the earring hooks.  To do this, you’ll need to poke a hole in the top of the circle:

072 copy

And then use pilers to open up the earring hook base and slide it into the hole in the earring.  Then close it up.

075 copy

That’s it!  Thanks for the awesome tutorial girls – –

029 copy

Enjoy making these Duct Tape Earrings!

duct tape jewelry earring tutorial

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    These turned out fantastic! I also am very impressed with the way all of their pictures turned out – the blurred background and focused foreground – perfect!


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