Funky Foam Heads for classroom organization

Another back to school project for you today – this one a fun classroom organization idea, Funky Foam Heads!  Quirky and fun and functional –  –

unique school supply organization

I am excited to be part of the FloraCraft Make It: Fun design team, and the first challenge was a tricky one – Foam Heads!  What would you make if you were sent a box filled with foam heads?!  I loved having a unique challenge and I’m still in the back-to-school mode, so I incorporated the two.    My favorite is the pencil holder – where the pencils are funky spikey hair on the crazy foam head dude – love it!

funky foam heads for the classroom

So fun, right?!  And it’s a simple tutorial, so anyone can make this project.  Let’s get started!  You’ll need:

FloraCraft Foam Head

–spraypaint of your choice


–school supplies – pencils, headphones

foam heads

First up, spray the heads with spraypaint.  I know that some foam can melt with spraypaint, but I was able to spray these foam heads.  The key is to aim for several thin coats, holding the paint at least 10 inches away.  If you get too close, or the coat is really heavy, the foam will melt.  But as long as you put on light coats, you’re good to go.  I was excited about that!  Random, but there was a construction crew out at the same time that I was in the back yard spray painting heads – I’m sure they wondered what was going on…

foam head spraypaint

Now that you have your base color, let’s work on the pencil holder.  You’ll need some funky pencils – I picked up some glitter ones in a variety of colors:

glitter pencilsYou’ll also need a drill.  At first I thought I could just shove the pencils in the head, but it’s solid foam (not hollowed out) so you’ll need to drill out areas for the pencil.  Just a regular drill and drill bit will work.  Warning – it’s a mess of foam snow everywhere!
540 copy

I went for random spiked hair, so the holes are randomly placed on the top.  It would also be fun to do a mohawk style.

drill foam head

I then did a quick coat of paint to cover down in the holes.  But be careful – I was trying to get down in the holes, so I was pretty close with the spraypaint and you can tell that a spot of foam started to bubble up and melt:

foam head melt

For the headphone display to sit near a listening or computer station, all I did was add a fun lip color – just using a marker!  Add some sunglasses and bam, both heads are ready to go!

foam head organize school supplies

foam head classroom


I think they turned out pretty fun!  And like I said, I’m especially drawn to all that spikey pencil hair – – love it!

pencil organizationspike hair pencils

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