Pipe Cleaner Craft Creations, via video

wahoo for Pipe Cleaner Craft!  We have been on a huge pipe cleaner crafting kick lately – they’re so fun!  You can make so much with them and any kiddo can jump in and start creating.  We had trouble finding specific colors of pipe cleaners, but ended up find them online at Consumer Crafts – they have an AMAZING selection, including big fat ones, animal striped ones, etc.  We’ve had a fun time putting together a few craft videos to show you what we’ve been up to…

First the “live” video where we show pipe cleaner flowers – but I had trouble with my google hangout and ended up having to record it with my camera and upload it, so just pretend like it was live :)   After that, the kiddos all have awesome tutorial videos for you including how to make pipe cleaner fruit, animals, and guitars.

Like I said, I enlisted the help of the kiddos for these fun tutorials – it was fun to involve them and I think they did a great job – – first up, Emmy with FOOD!

022 copy

Next up, Abby with ANIMALS!

how to make pipe cleaner animals

And finally, Will with INSTRUMENTS! (he wanted in on the fun – my favorite part in his is when the pipe cleaner light bulb appears over his head and helps him come up with an idea)


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