Summer Fun!

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This was a summer of local fun for us – – since we're in the process of moving and building a home, we didn't take a vacation this summer.  Which meant we made sure to do lots of extra fun stuff around here – made the most of each day. A quick recap via Instagram pics….

summer fun

It turned out to be an ideal summer!  I think my ideal summer is just spending time doing fun things together – it doesn't have to be a big fancy vacation, fun is fun no matter where you are and so we made the most of our summer.

Speaking of "ideal" and summer, has anyone out there tried laser hair removal – I have, and I think I'm hooked!  And I want to try out Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal – I actually called them several months ago to price things out.  There weren't any deals then, but right now you can get 70% off Laser Hair Removal – score!!  I thought it was kind of out of my reach, but it turns out several people I know have had it done, and with 70% off, you'll want to look into it for sure – -request more information (now's the time to get it done because it takes several appointments spaced apart, so you'll be ready for next summer!)

The top 3 reasons people get laser hair remal services are convenience, confidence, and that it's a more permanent solution for hair removal – what is your motivation??  For me, it's for sure convenience!  Next on my list to get done, underarms!

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