Together Again Again

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Who out there is a Muppets fan??  we were super lucky and got a sneak peek at the Muppets Most Wanted – so fun, right?!  And of course, we created a craft to go along with it…

010 copy

Muppets Most Wanted is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at – that’s coming right up!  My kids had a great time watching it.  Because really, you’ll love this:  “Two frogs! One Pig! Intrigue! Music! Mayhem! Muppets”   My favorite part of the Muppets movies are the songs – they’re just so catchy and awesome.   So the craft I wanted to do was of course song related – Together Again, Again.  So funny, play on the sequel and all.

I aimed to make this craft very repeatable – so anyone can do this!    All you’ll need is some fabric paint (I really LOVE this fabric marker, it makes things so much easier) and a little bitty bit of green fabric paint.  And of course a tshirt:

001 copy

Simply write out the song lyric – – see, I told you, a fabric marker is super awesome:

002 copy

Then you’ll want to go over it and shade it in, etc to really bring the lettering to life.  Just aim for a graphic tee type of design:

003 copy

My original plan was to paint a small Kermit head in the corner of the song quote.  But I was nervous about my painting skills, so I ended up just using the green and doing a more subtle shoutout to Kermit with the green period at the end of the lyric.  Just a little hint of Kermit and Muppets.

004 copyThis movie is really fun for the whole family!  My kiddos range in ages from 5-11, and they all enjoyed it.  And of course it appeals to adults as well.  It’s packed with tons of guest cameos, and even extended exclusive scenes not seen in theaters!

015 copy

So go and grab yourself the movie, whip up a shirt, and enjoy!!!  And be sure to follow along on social media, #MuppetsMostWanted :

Twitter: @MuppetsStudio

012 copy

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