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January 31, 2014

Olympics! DIY Team USA Shirt

Are gearing up for the Olympics?!  Well, you need to!  I saw some USA shirts in the stores, but they were about $20, and you can totally make one yourself.  In fact I did, last time the Olympics rolled around, so summer of 2012:

So I'm just recycling that shirt again - with layers, since it's winter this time around...
 To make this I used a stencil and some glitter fabric paint.  I talk all about it in the original tutorial, which you can find here: DIY Team USA Shirt

When I was wearing this the other day, my kiddos saw it and we super excited, "I want a shirt like that!" - of course, I'm all over it when they actual request to wear something crafted by me... and so I know what I'm doing tonight....

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Crochet-A-Long - - and more!

I've got lots of exciting things to tell you about!

--first, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook - you can get sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes type of fun!

--second, the Olympics is coming - eek!!  I'm a hopeless diehard fan.  I'm not that into sports in general, but there's just something about the Olympics that pulls me in - the stories of triumph, the nation pulling together and cheering on our athletes, etc.

a few random things I've crocheted in the past - and a glimpse into the Lion Yarn party I went to at SNAP the first year - with Cindy (Skip to my Lou) teaching me a magic circle and Char (Crap I've Made) teaching me about Twitter...

--so third, I'm in on a Crochet-a-Long, and I want you to join me.  It's perfect timing because of the Olympics!  I love to have a "couch project" - one where I can sit and watch tv and do my project.  Crochet is the perfect answer.  The Olympics runs for a couple of weeks - think I can make a whole blanket?  I'm hoping so!

So, I'm excited to announce Project Crochet, a crochet-a-long hosted by Kim of 733 Blog, Heather of Twin Dragonfly Designs, and myself.  Whether you are new to crochet or you've been doing it for years, we'd love to have you join us!  We will each be sharing a project on our blogs and you can choose to crochet along with one of us, or if you prefer, pick your own  project to tackle.  All the while, we would love for you to share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #projectcrochet hashtag.

Don't worry if you're not awesome at crochet - just give it a try!  I know a couple of basic stitches, and that's about it.  But I'm still up for the challenge.  You can make what you'd like or make the same thing as me or the others... be sure to check out their blogs to see what they're making.  

Want to know my goals??

A Blanket.  Yes, a whole blanket.  I think I can get it done in a month, right?! (am I kidding, I can do this!)    I want to do a Granny Stripe quilt, and so I need to learn to read patterns so I can understand this one at Attic 24.  Here are a few visual ideas (if I found a link, you can click on the image to go to it)
crochet modern granny stripe baby blanket

A Fox Hat. And if I get the blanket done, or if I need to take a break and try a different project for a little bit, I want to make this fox hat I featured at last week's link party - the pattern is from The Stitchin' Mommy
Crochet Fox Hat - Free Pattern by The Stitchin' Mommy

So, are you in??  do it!  make something along with us - this is going to be fun!!
I'm jumping right in, and I have a cartload of yarn to prove it...

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January 30, 2014

Photo Frame Banner (mini) - DIY Tutorial!

This is just one of those projects I LOVE - it's so cute, easy to do, and involves displaying photos - all things I love.  It's so great when a craft looks even better done than it did in my mind :)  I know lots of you will be recreating this DIY Photo Frame {mini} Banner, and I've got a tutorial for you to show you how I put it together.

So cute, right?!  And it's mini-size - those pictures are each 2 inches by 2 inches.  Everything is cuter in a mini version :)  Let's jump right in to that tutorial...
First up, gather your supplies.  I am part of Elmer's Craft It Crew and the challenge this month was to use Elmer's Painters - which was awesome, because I'm a pretty big fan.  Obviously, since I had all these colors (and more!) on hand. I also had some twine on hand - baker's version makes it even awesomer.  The mini frames I picked up at Michael's - they were on a display right by the front door, and I had to have them.  They are actual wood and 12 frames came in a pack.

First step after your supplies are ready - go ahead and paint your frames.  I love using Painters for projects like this - they give you the ease of a marker with the coverage of a paint.  They are actual paint, in pen form.  I like using them for little projects - they're perfect!  To get them going, shake them and then depress the tip in until you see the paint start to seep down it - I tried to catch a picture of it here (see, the tip is half white and half silver) - -

Then just use it like a marker and paint the entire frame.  I painted 2 frames in each color, then didn't end up using them all.  I painted 2 coats on each frame to make sure it was nice and vibrant, but that probably wasn't necessary.

Next I used a small drill bit and drilled holes in the top 2 corners - the picture shows it on my counter, but don't actually drill on your counter (I hung it over the edge) - Trevor was worried when he saw the pic :)
Action shot from the preschooler  "don't say cheese in this one, okay" - got it.  This is a bonus of using these wood frames instead of making some out of paper - you can just drill the holes.
If I were to do this over again, I might drill BEFORE I painted - there were a few frames that chipped where I drilled so I had to do some touch-up painting.  But none split or cracked the frame, which I was worried about because they're pretty small and thin.

I then printed out 2 inch by 2 inch images of my kiddos (just using my home printer).  I wanted to break up the banner a little so I also printed 3 hearts.  I wanted a hand drawn feel to them so I just used a marker and drew over the heart, messy, a few times.
Closer view of the heart:

To attach the pictures and prints, I simply used scotch tape to adhere the picture to the back.  I used a small piece of tape on all four sides - you can kind of see it below:

To put the banner together, I simply threaded the twine in and out of the drilled holes. You can push the frames as close together or far apart on the twine as you'd like.

You can kind of get a gauge for the size below - see the frames compared to the size of my hand:

I have my crib mattress display thing in my entryway, and I know this will be super cute clipped to it for everyone to enjoy as they come into my home.

So there ya go - how to make a simple Mini Photo Frame Banner.  Just some pre-made wooden frames and some Painters, plus some tape and twine, and you're on your way.  You can make this - really! - give it a try!

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January 29, 2014

Showing Off

Look at all the awesome things you've been up to - - time to feature some of the crafts from the link party! Just scroll on down to find the links to each tutorial.

Aren't these jello treats awesome - every Super Bowl party needs some!  See how to make them at Hoopla Palooza:

All of the nursery over at Natalie's Sentiments is cute, but I can't get over this mobile out of mini crocheted animals - LOVE!

My kids are big fans of gum, so I know they'd get a kick out of these valentine's over at Creative Capital B -

The Kim Six Fix has a super cute mantel that you'll want to check out - you still have a couple of weeks to decorate - -

I love this name sign made from a stump over at Just Another Project - so cool!

I'm been trying to mix up our snacks, try new things - these Apple Energy Slices from Cook and Craft Me Crazy look like a good option!

This paper dollhouse from Delineate Your Dwelling is just all sorts of cuteness - be sure to check it out:

Dolen's Diaries made a play mailbox - I'm sure it's a huge hit!

And I want this scarf that A Girl and A Glue Gun whipped up - love the double-sided awesomeness:
double sided scarf cheetah

And check out this DIY coffee table from Minimal Nest - it's perfect!
diy wooden chest 3 DIY Coffee Table
and...........most viewed link............ this X&O Statement Necklace from Everyday Bijoux - so cool!

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:  (oh, and if you were featured on FB, or if you're featured later this afternoon, you're included - grab away!!)

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Ombre Heart Specimen Art

Check out this super cute Valentine's Day art I made for my entryway - I just love it!  It's one of those projects that looks even better in real life than in pictures - I wish you could come on over and see how cute it is!

And then you would see that I still have all of my Christmas Cards on display....  I just love seeing them and can't bring myself to take them down yet!

I have the tutorial for the ombre heart art on down.... but also, one of the things I want to do a little more of this year is video.  dun dun dun.

So... look - - a Valentine's Craft, with a video! It was made via Hangout On Air - which means it was one-take, live, no editing.  Enjoy 6 minutes of me rambling to myself about crafting this cute Ombre Heart Art:

This all started with some amazing paper sent to me from American Crafts - the texture is great, and the glitter sheets were awesome - I wanted to showcase the paper, and this specimen art was a perfect project.

First I grabbed a plain frame and gave it a quick coat of paint...

I then cut a piece of the corrugated white glitter paper, and placed that in the frame (with the plexiglass removed).  And here's where I stopped taking step-by-step pictures - blogger fail!

BUT, I can walk you through it.  I punched the hearts out of the paper using a punch, but you could hand-cut them if you want.  I used 4 different shades of pink/red, lightest ones on top and the darkest on bottom.

After punching them out, I folded each heart in half to give them dimension.  Then I used hot glue generously along the fold and placed it onto the white paper.  Just glue down each heart and that's it!  See how they stick out - love that:

A fun and simple Valentine craft - just the kind I love!!

Do you love crafty videos??  Check out all the Valentine Crafty Hangouts from fellow bloggers by clicking below - -