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I started this blog when I kept posting projects on my family blog and thought it was getting overwhelming.  So they got their own spot over here. (Isn't that how 90% of craft blogs started?!?)  My family blog is called All The Buzz so at first this blog was "All The Buzz - Craft Edition".  When it grew I changed to "Sugar Bee - Craft Edition" because my url was still "craft edition".  Then I bought my own url (slowly growing this little blog), so I changed to Sugar Bee Crafts.  Oh how it evolves!

Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!

I try to stick with a semi-schedule - - maybe you never noticed:

--if there's a giveaway, it's usually on Mondays
--Tuesday is always Take-A-Look Tuesday
--Wednesday is What I Wore Wednesday and Show Offs from the link party
--Fridays and Saturdays are Contributor Posts
--normally no posts run on Sundays

I have a drop-down tool bar, so feel free to check that out. I'm working on updating the "tutorials" section, so bear with me!

I occasionally write posts that are sponsored because this blog is a lot of work and if it can bring in a little extra money, that's great.  But when I write those posts, just know that I won't replace regular posts (I'll still run a craft post that day).

Mainly I write craft posts - I know that's what you're probably here for.  Tutorials are my favorite to read on other blogs, probably because I know how much work goes into them!  I try to focus on tutorials here as well - it's time consuming, but I just love helping everyone see a way on how to make things.  I also do posts on recipes, photo tips, fashion-ish, etc.

If you think this blog is awesome, feel free to become a follower.  I still look at that box every time I log on and get excited when even one person joins - so fun to have you all!!

I reply to all questions in the comments through email.  My comments are emailed to me so I just hit "reply" - unless of course, your email isn't linked up, then I can't find you... (so please please please, link up your email to your account)

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HI Mandy, I consider myself a Kansan! Lived there for 20+ years and moved to the Silicon Valley just over 2 years ago. We do come "home" every X'mas to visit friends and family. Your blog inspires me and definitely makes me less home-sick. Well, actually maybe more. :)

Here's my little blog and my favorite post: http://lemonsandchambray.blogspot.com/2011/08/happy-1st-anniversary.html

Hi Mandy,

I recently published a book through Cedar Fort titled "Mormon Origami." It contains 25 different LDS themed paper folding designs that can be used by parents and teachers. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a book review on it in exchange for my sending you a free copy. Thanks for your time.

Todd Huisken

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