April 7, 2012

the fun way to make money

I don't want to overload the craft blog too much by talking about Paparazzi, but occasionally I just have to talk about it because I'm super excited about everything and just want to share that with all of YOU!!

So just a few things:
--Paparazzi is $5 accessories (similar to Charming Charlies) - at $5 everyone LOVES it!

--By being a consultant, you make 45% of what you sell.  Yep, you read that right.

--In addition to what you make from your sales, you can get commissions checks if you have people sign up under - LOVE getting random checks each month.

--I do this on the side for extra fun money (and have a goal to help our family by a new-to-us van), but some consultants ROCK IT, and quit their jobs because they make more with Paparazzi than working.  I haven't stocked my etsy shop in months because this is such much more profitable and easier than making and selling things.

--If you are getting a TAX RETURN, I think it'd be a great idea to take some of that extra money and invest it in Paparazzi so you can turn your tax return into a money-making thing for you.

I can tell you lots more and gush on and on about how I love being involved with Paparazzi (yes, me, who would have never considered doing the direct sales thing)  - so just email me if you want to know more (mandybeez at gmail) - just know that it's AWESOME!!

My id number is 1768 if you want to jump right in - - I've posted more info HERE if you want to read more...

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You had mentioned you could start for as little as $40. Where could I find that information? I love this idea, unfortunately, I don't have the $300 to get the starter kit. Any ideas?? :)

Hey Roxanne - - I couldn't find your email - if you want to email me I can send you more info - - but to start at the $40 enrollment fee (then you need to purchase any inventory you need) go to here: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/paparazzi/Signup/EnrollNew_Ask.asp?ReturnURL=&Products=
and type in my number, 1768, then on the next page you'll see where you can choose enrollment options - it's listed there...

I've been thinking about this since you posted it. I'm curious and emailed the company for more info. Do you know if it's available in Canada?

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