Fun Money!! (a how-to)

So yep, “FUN MONEY” – – I think of it as that because I have such a fun time making it AND I use it for fun things……  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have to tell you again – – I sell Paparazzi Accessories and I love it!!  And hear me out for a minute…..

They pay 45% commission on sales.  Seriously.  I don’t know of any other company that pays that high.  So say you have a party for a couple of hours and bring in $250.  With your 45% for only 2 hours, it means you just made over $50 an hour.  (keep in mind some parties are smaller than that – but that’s okay too) Who wouldn’t love that pay rate?!?! So that was interesting to me….
But you know what got me sucked in – – the stuff is only $5 – no kidding!!!  It reminds me a lot of things you find at Target or Charming Charlies – but those places you pay about $15 for a necklace/earring set – which I used to think was a good price, til I heard of this that sells everything for $5 – amazing!!!  I know it’s something I would buy, so since I’m super frugal, I knew other people would buy it as well.    Here’s a few samples of things:

On top of that, you can earn commissions off of your downline.  So think of that potential.  Cause it’s huge.  And I know that almost everyone knows someone else who wants a chance to earn a little extra money.

I like to think the extra money I earn is my “fun money”.  But I know people who are rockin’ this – my friend Michelle quit her job because she was making more money with Paparazzi than she was teaching – wowza!  And there are countless stories like that, how Paparazzi is changing lives, letting moms work from home, etc.

I really think this is a great gig (obviously, since I joined up myself) and I want to spread the word – – shout it from the blog-tops – – YOU can earn extra money!!  And have fun doing it!!  I do!  And every time I get a commissions check, I think “wow, everyone should be doing this!! I need to tell them!”

So consider yourself told.  I talk more about Paparazzi HERE.   My consultant ID is #1768 and I would LOVE to have you on my team.  Cause you’re awesome and my team is awesome, so it’d be a perfect fit.  If you just want to jump right in, you can enroll here.  But most people have lots of questions, so feel free to send those my way and I’ll be happy to explain things further – – mandybeez at gmail

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    I am totally considering joining! No one that I know of around where I live is an independent consultant. I just had surgery so I could definitely use the extra money! Sounds way fun too!

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